I AM HUMAN - an urban sci-fi fantasy


Episode Summary

It is New Year's Eve, 2024. Liberty Lawfer, a beauty with a troubled past, stumbles upon a mysterious building on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood, where she is invited inside and introduced to a demonstration of artificial human specimens. She meets a charismatic young man named Ray, and they embark on a fairy-tale date with a stroke at midnight surprise.

Episode Notes

Liberty is escorted by Ray to iconic Hollywood haunts, where they explore the underbelly of the Los Angeles culture at a tango club, the walk of stars, under Hollywood sign, and at a virtual theme park. Their intellectual and philosophical kinship becomes apparent as they reveal hidden aspects of their personas as the night progresses. She thwarts his advances, and questions veracity of AI experiments, while being seduced by the adventure.

The e-book of novel/screenplay I AM HUMAN, may be downloaded on Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2RpoK6J

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Author/narrator Anastasia Blackwell is an award-winning writer, actress, voice-over artist, producer.

She was distinguished in Edinburgh Critical Guides, Gothic Literature, Second Addition, 2016, in list of the most influential authors of early twenty-first century gothic fiction.

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